What We Are

Praying and singing around flagpole in Morrow County, Ohio

What We Are:

The Grassroots Movement consists of Morrow County churches working together, dedicated to effectively breaking the cycles of poverty, addiction, and broken relationships in our community.


With the mission of taking back our community for God, we have to work together. The Grassroots Movement is seeking to be the Body of Christ by joining together the resources and efforts of Morrow County churches and ministries to most effectively connect as many hurting people as possible to God’s love.


Simply put, we want to see a community that is healing, thriving, and ultimately spreading past Morrow County through God’s love and Kingdom work.


To connect with and work with as many churches and ministries that seek after God as possible. To bring these ministries and efforts to people who are hurting from poverty, addiction, and broken relationships. To see God work and revive our community.